About Us

16 years of serving coffee

We are passionate about coffee and everything that goes into a complete and charming coffeehouse experience. Every day, we bake many delicious pastries and desserts using our family recipes and recipes from our bakers and customer’s families. Sandwiches, seasonal soups or salads, quiche, bagels, and other light fare are served for your morning, noon, and evening cravings. We are Prescott, Arizona’s local gathering place and a part of the daily routine. Visit us, and you’ll see we are so much more than just a coffeehouse.

The perfect blend of LOVE + COFFEE

Since 2007, Wild Iris Coffeehouse has grown to be Prescott’s most picturesque coffee shop. Our team works every day to live and breathe our mission. Our wonderful baristas and bakers ensure each order is of the highest quality when crafting our delicious drinks and pastries.

We are thrilled to serve the Prescott community and visitors from around the world, and love being part of their daily routine. Wild Iris is about LOVE + COFFEE.

We are Prescott, Arizona’s local gathering place and a part of the daily routine. Visit us and you’ll see, we are so much more than just a coffeehouse.

Our Founders & Owners

David & Julie Gorman

When Julie was a little girl she spent most summers and holidays with her Great Aunt Jacquie and Uncle Paul in Kansas City, Missouri. Aunt Jacquie had grown up on a farm in Kansas and inherited her family’s green thumb. As a result, her yard was always blooming with a colorful array of award winning irises, flowers and a garden full of fruits and vegetables.

Every day Aunt Jacquie baked homemade bread to go with her coffee. In the summertime she made homemade ice cream with the berries grown in her yard. Aunt Jacquie’s house was Julie’s favorite place in the whole world and it was here Julie learned to love baking and the smell of coffee.

Fast forward to the summer of 2004, Julie was introduced to David by mutual friends. Later that fall - and with Aunt Jacquie’s blessing - David and Julie got married in the charming historic Prescott Courthouse. They began their life together with their three kids, two dogs and one great aunt.

Two years went by and Julie desired a career change that would include her favorite interests and education. Julie studied art and anthropology in college while drinking loads of coffee. She was always intrigued by the meeting places in the old world that brought together artists, philosophers, politicians, and ordinary people. These places would bring people and ideas together—that did not always agree—to share a moment over a cup of coffee. Finally, an epiphany struck Julie. She needed to open a coffeehouse—it was just what Prescott needed.

David wasn’t an avid coffee drinker at the time, but he loved his wife and supported Julie on the new adventure. It became their goal to create a coffeehouse experience with quality coffee beans, specialty house-made pastries, and a cozy welcoming environment everyone could enjoy. The couple discovered Rococo Coffee Roasting, a micro-roaster that specializes in full-flavored specialty blends and world class single origin coffees, located just outside of Seattle in Kirkland, Washington. Sourcing their blends from Rococo, they found a charming corner location tucked away next to Granite Creek just off the Historic Prescott Square, and Wild Iris Coffeehouse opened in November of 2007.