Moms, what do they really need for Mother’s Day?

Moms, what do they really need for Mother’s Day?

My mom used to tell my sister and me that she didn’t need anything for Mother’s Day. We would run ideas by her and she would always say the same thing, “I don’t need anything for Mother’s Day." As a kid, I thought she was being humble or maybe even self-sacrificing. We really had no idea what our mom needed or wanted—we weren’t moms. But we knew we were supposed to do something!

What do you get your mom once you are past the handcrafted gifts you made in grade school? One year I picked flowers for my mom off the neighbor’s rose bush. Later, I realized this was frowned upon. Another year my sister and I made her a raised garden. When I was old enough to save my own money, I bought my mom an antique set of china—I thought she needed nice dishes. Looking back, I think I just wanted pretty dishes to use for dinner.

I’ve been a mom for 20+ years and I totally get it now! My mom didn’t NEED anything. She just wanted time. A little slice of time with me and my sister so she could take pride in us, know she was on the right track, and create memories to enjoy later.

Time—that’s what all moms need, nothing fancy. You can make your mom dinner at home, take her out to brunch, or bring her to our coffeehouse. Let her marvel how amazing you have turned out. Even if you know you are still a work in progress, she sees nothing but potential. If nothing else just make her laugh. There is nothing sweeter than sharing laughter.

If you can’t spend time with your mom on Mother’s Day, there are a few other ways to let her know you were thinking of her.

Flowers are always a safe bet. Below are some of my favorites places to get flowers. 

Shanti at Whipstone Farms has absolutely perfected high desert flower growing, which is no easy task! You can also find them at Prescott's local farmers market, where I'm always happy to trade coffee for fresh flowers every week!

Another favorite florist of mine is Rakini at Allan’s Flowers. They always have fresh modern floral designs and they'll deliver in the Prescott area! 

For those of you out of state,  Farmgirl Flowers offers a variety of items including flowers, succulents, chocolates and more. They'll ship anywhere in the lower 48 states! 

Chocolates are a win—these are three of our favorites.

Local to Prescott, you have to go to Black Butterfly Chocolates owned and operated by local Chocolatier Tracy Taylor. She puts her creative touch on all of her chocolates. 
Chocolatier Katrina Markoff is the Founder of Vosges Chocolates. She has perfected the use of usual spices and flavors of chocolates. Her chocolates are truly amazing.  
Us of course, at Wild Iris we make our own hand-rolled truffles and chocolates using Belgian chocolate with recipes from our family. Available in-house only, gift boxes available.
All of the above businesses except for one are ran by hardworking moms. By purchasing from them, you'll be giving to two moms! 

Our Special to You

Lastly, we have something special at Wild Iris this year. We are offering a Mother’s Day Gift Box of local Arizona goodies—Wild Iris loose leaf tea, Beetanical honey, and Salted Serenity organic caramels. We have this set available in our coffeehouse or you can purchase the Gift Box online

Wild Iris Coffeehouse Mother's Day Gift Box

Happy Mother's Day! 


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